SculpSure: It's for Men, Too

Dad looks great! Thanks to SculpSure.

When it comes to stubborn deposits of fat, there are myriad forces that are working against you, including your gender and your age. If you’re plagued by body fat that doesn’t respond to even your best efforts, body sculpting may be just the ticket to a slimmer shape.

At Naples Medical Care, Dr. Weiping Sarah Mei and our team want to provide you with the tools you need to look and feel great, inside and out. We understand what an uphill battle weight loss can be, which is why we’ve equipped ourselves with WarmSculpting™ by SculpSure® to put the finishing touches on your goals through fat reduction.

Here’s a look at what WarmSculpting can do for men.

The gender difference

One of the biggest hurdles to weight loss is your biological programming. To start, men tend to store extra fat in their chests, abdomens, and buttocks. This means that when you go to lose weight, these areas are often among the last to respond.

Another hurdle is your natural loss of testosterone after the age of 30. Your testosterone is the hormone that’s responsible for your male characteristics, including muscle mass. While the loss is gradual, the cumulative effect can become more noticeable with each passing year.

And with this decline in muscle mass, your metabolism decreases, allowing more fat to settle in.

A targeted approach with WarmSculpting

One of the biggest benefits of our WarmSculpting fat reduction system is that we can bypass many of your biological hurdles and tackle the stubborn deposits of fat directly.

Despite what many weight-loss and fitness products and services may claim, it’s nearly impossible to target certain areas of fat in your body. Yes, you can target and build muscles, but when it comes losing belly fat and similar claims, this simply isn’t the case. Your body chooses where it gives up the fat.

With Warm Sculpting, we deliver laser energy directly into your target fat cells, reducing their number in your problem areas by as much as 24%.

This FDA-cleared technology is designed to tackle fat in your:

And once we destroy your fat cells, they’re gone for good since they don’t regenerate.

WarmSculpting is a path of least resistance

Another benefit of our WarmSculpting system is that the treatments are noninvasive and there’s no downtime afterward. Each treatment takes just 25 minutes and you should be perfectly comfortable during the procedure.

Most of our clients benefit from a series of WarmSculpting treatments — usually two to three depending on your target areas. We space these treatments out by several weeks to allow time for your body to flush away the destroyed fat cells.

Your results

As you progress through your WarmSculpting treatments, you notice a slimmer shape begin to emerge, with optimal results about 6-12 weeks after your final session with us.

And these results are yours to keep as long as you keep up with healthy habits. While we can permanently reduce the number of fat cells in your target areas, we can’t stop your remaining fat cells from increasing in size if you overeat or fail to exercise.

If you’d like to get started on reshaping your body to better effect, give us a call to schedule your WarmSculpting treatments. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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