CHURN IN TRACKER Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With SculpSure®

If you’d like to cross the finish line of your weight loss journey with the body of your dreams, contact us at (562) 735-3800

There’s no easy way to lose weight. You need to cut your calories and ramp up your exercise regimen to make the needle on your scale go down. If you’ve successfully worked your way to within shooting distance of your target weight (or you’re already there), why not reward yourself with some final WarmSculpting™ body contouring treatments to really show off your hard work?

At Naples Medical Care, Dr. Weiping Sarah Mei provides an extensive range of aesthetic services that tackle everything from wrinkle reduction to hair removal. Included in this impressive lineup is WarmSculpting by SculpSure®, which reduces stubborn pockets of fat to help you achieve your body-shape goals.

Here’s a look at why WarmSculpting by SculpSure is the perfect way to finish off your weight loss journey.

Why is fat so stubborn?

Most people who embark on a weight loss journey run into frustrating pockets of fat deposits that seem to be immune to your every effort. The reason for this is that when you lose weight, your body chooses where it sheds the fat, not you. And your body operates under a different set of guidelines than your aesthetic ones. 

For example, women often have trouble tackling the fat deposits around their abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs because they’re biologically wired to carry more fat in these areas in order to protect their reproductive organs.

Men, on the other hand, tend to carry extra fat around their bellies.

So if your scale says one thing, but your body another, WarmSculpting treatments can close the gap between your stubborn fat and your body-shape goals.

How WarmSculpting with SculpSure works

In order to work around your body’s directives, we’re able to target the fat cells in your problem areas directly, including your:

During your WarmSculpting treatment, we deliver energy into your fat cells (without harming the surface of your skin), which absorbs the energy as heat. The heat severely compromises these fat cells, preventing them from storing fat anymore. Your body then flushes out the damaged fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer profile.

With the SculpSure system, we can reduce the fat cells in your target areas by as much as 24%. To achieve these great results, most of our patients benefit from a series of WarmSculpting treatments — usually three to five. Each treatment takes only 25 minutes, and you’re free to get on with your day directly afterward. 

If you’d like to cross the finish line of your weight loss journey with the body of your dreams, contact us at (562) 735-3800 to set up your WarmSculpting treatments, or request an appointment through our online system.

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